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H. Leon Pachter, M.D. F.A.C.S.
NYU School of Medicine
The George David Stewart Professor and Chair
Department of Surgery
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Jaime Landman, M.D.
Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery
Columbia University Department of Urology
"Certainly, we were grateful for your wonderful technical expertise, but your kindness and sensitivity were also very appreciated...  ...Your skill and caring made what is commonly a stressful situation very easy."
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Vitaly Raykhman, M.D.
Chief of Surgery
New York Urologic Institute
"being a seasoned surgeon myself, I carefully watched Rabbi Friedman as he performed the Bris on my son. It was “perfect!” The skill, speed, precision and aseptic technique were exceptional"
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"...I believe that Rabbi Friedman displays the talent of a seasoned and experienced surgeon in carrying out his work..."
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" a great surgeon with great bedside manners... as a physician and as a parent, I highly recommend Rabbi Friedman as a Mohel..."
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Our babies nurse marveled that in her eight years of experience ...she has never seen such beautiful results and such quick healing!"
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"...my son Aharon did perfect right after the bris and your guidance for care after the bris provided very fast healing of the Bris, which even surprised the pediatrician."
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Rabbi Friedman is a remarkable Master Mohel....I myself have taken Rabbi Friedman to circumcise my own son"
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"I saw firsthand the manner that he performed the circumcision and it was obvious to me that he is an expert mohel with master skills and precision, all done with utmost speed....."
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Thank you letter in Hebrew from grateful parents
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Hebrew letter of praise from Rabbi Oelbaum of Queens, NY

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