"Rabbi Friedman is a remarkable Master Mohel....I myself have taken Rabbi Friedman to circumcise my own son"


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Rabbi of Cong. Nachlas Yitzchok
Kew Gardens Hills, NY


Re: Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman, Certified Mohel

I write these words to endorse the G-d fearing and pious Mohel, who has a great name and reputation, Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman who was the Mohel at a Bris at which I was accorded the honor of Sandak.  I saw firsthand the manner that he performed the circumcision and it was obvious  to me that he is an expert and popular mohel with master skills and precision, all done with utmost speed and the highest level of cleanliness.  Rabbi Friedman’s excellent reputation as a mohel is well known and widespread. 

I hereby bestow my blessings to Rabbi Friedman that he merit to continue with his holy work with great success, and Elijah the angel of circumcision shall always be at his right hand to support him, together with Divine assistance from the One Above.

Signed with the Covenant of Peace,
Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum
Rabbi of Cong. Nachlas Yitzchok
Kew Gardens Hills, NY

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