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Kyle M.

Rabbi Friedman was highly recommended to us and we would recommend him to anyone!!! Yesterday was a stressful concerning day because we had to do the Bris of our son, but Rabbi Friedman made it so stress free and a beautiful experience. He did an incredible job and followed up for two days straight to make sure the baby was doing okay- which thanks to Rabbi Friedman he is doing great. He was very prepared and as he says "he brings everything needed to do the Bris besides the baby"- great sense of humor too. I would recommend him to anyone!

Tomer S.

An email I wrote Rabbi Friedman few days after the Bris: "Rabbi Friedman, I want to personally thank you for having our son Bris.  You were informative, professional and most important you made us laugh and ease our tension and anxiety. I will never forget this moment, which means I will never forget YOU!! Thank you very much"

Aleksandra F.

Rabbi Friedman was very good! Eased up all the anxiety my husband and I had leading up to the bris. Was very gentle in the process and made sure to excel his professionalism throughout. Afterwards he gave us great instructions on what to expect and what to do moving forward in the upcoming days. Helped us in changing the first diaper and showed us how to properly prepare the diapers with Vaseline, gauze,etc.  His texts throughout the first 48 hrs were very helpful and if needed after that was available for questions. Overall great experience and we would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to do a bris.

Jonathan S.

Could not be happier with Rabbi Friedman. We were blessed and fortunate to have him serve as the mohel for our first born. He struck the perfect balance between light-heartedness and seriousness for the bris ceremony. He was early for the bris and I never once felt rushed. He is clean, meticulous, and a true professional. Rabbi Friedman's communication is also truly above and beyond -- from providing printed detailed instructions before the bris and a printed pamphlet for the aftercare with supplies, he truly makes you feel confident, cared for, and comfortable. He will text you every time you need to change gauze and diaper in the aftercare and is thoroughly available for questions and concerns. Cannot recommend him enough!

Sofia S.

We had the best experience ever!!! Rabbi Moshe Friedman made sure everyone was calm and cool!  Everything was explained in little details but n how to take care afterwards. Rabbi Friedman responded to all my texts and calls to make sure the healing was going well. I would recommend him to anyone!!!

Vladislav S.

Rabbi Friedman is the best Mohel in New York City and probably even the East Coast! He circumcised both of my sons who were truly blessed by his gentle touch. Everyone I know in Brooklyn has used his services and once you experience it you will know why! He is truly great!! He is very personable, answers every question, and gives amazing instructions. Highly recommended!

Randi S.

I could leave the same glowing reviews as the rest but you don't need to see more of that but you should know they are all true. So I'll just tell you that when my son went to the doctor a few days after his bris, the Dr. said "whoa, beautiful circ!" and gave me a high five.

Jules R.

Island Park, NY

Rabbi Friedman is the absolute best! When he says he will treat your son like his own, he means it! He takes the time to make sure everyone knows what to expect and he will cater the ceremony to best suit your needs and wishes. He's extremely personable and kind and above all, most importantly, he's an expert in his field and does exceptional work. Following the ceremony, he makes sure you feel comfortable and prepared when it comes to baby's recovery, bathing & changing the dressings, and he's diligent with following up!  If we are blessed with another boy, we wouldn't hesitate to call upon Rabbi Friedman again.

Kathy W.

Rabbi Friedman was referred to me by my OBGYN who said that he was definitely the best mohel out there. He was right! A true professional. Some of the other mohels I spoke with, sounded creepy over the phone. Rabbi Friedman was relaxed, funny and a breath of fresh air! So glad that he was available to perform our son's bris. Our pediatrician marveled at the beautiful and quick healing!

Barbara K.

Rabbi Friedman is simply UNBELIEVABLE!! He is considered the most sophisticated and professional Orthodox Mohel on the planet. New York Magazine recognized him for his marvelous talents as well. He has a G-d given talent and true passion for what he does. He is a star amongst the Who's Who and has a very strong and diverse loyal following particularly among the new age - hip- professional and sophisticated parents. I have attended many Jewish Bris ceremonies over the years - but can tell you unequivocally that I have never seen a mohel like Rabbi Friedman. He is awesome! The ceremony he conducts is spiritual, moving and hilarious. Personally, he is the neatest, cleanest, most organized professional I have ever seen. Many of my Jewish friends (through my recommendation) who have used him for their sons' circumcision cannot stop raving about him. You must reserve him early though, since he gets booked up very quickly.

Linda R.

We researched and went bananas trying to find the perfect mohel for our newborn son. At the end of the day - after eliminating six other mohels, everything seemed to be pointing us in the direction of the undisputed Master Mohel Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman. Well, well, well...., honestly, words cannot do justice to properly describe the level of professionalism he demonstrated every step of the way. From our initial call to him in my second trimester - all through the Post Bris aftercare, he continuously was the most responsive professional we ever met. Of course the circumcision he performed was perfect - and even the doctor marveled at the precision. You will definitely love him. There is no way not to!

Josh B.

Have twice invited Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman to perform a Bris for my sons. Have also recommended him at least 5 times to friends. He is gentle with the infants and patiently explains the after-care to parents. He follows up after the bris with phone calls, texts and home visit to be sure the aftercare is going correctly. At your sons bris the Rabbi has a very engaging 'sthick' before and after the circumcision that will make the ceremony engaging and understandable to your guests of all Jewish backgrounds. Few more thoughts: 1) Popular and well regarded Mohelim like Rabbi Friedman will book up quickly, so your call in the delivery room should be first to your Mothers and then to the Mohel. 2) He is not available for Shabbat or Yom Tov outside of his home neighborhood in Brooklyn, so you should have a local back up in mind for that possibility. 3) Not sure how appropriate it is to 'Yelp' about or quantify the spirituality of a Rabbi, or even if this is the proper forum to select someone for such an important lifecycle event, that said you are here reading this so here goes: I believe that this Rav. performs the Brit Milah with the same emunah that I as the boys father would if I had the capability. So, we just had a baby and bris today which is why this review may seem a bit disjointed. Parents of young children should understand...

Jessica M.

Our premature son was in the hospital for two months, so we wanted to make sure we had a mohel who knew what he was doing when our son was released. Boy, did Rabbi Friedman know what he's doing. We talked a few weeks before the bris and he was very helpful and responsive up until the big day. The ceremony was great - he explained every step to our guests and was very entertaining. Everyone enjoyed his presence and even our son was smiling shortly after the quick procedure.. Rabbi Friedman brought along a customized bris certificate, Friedman-brand gauze, a detailed instruction sheet, as well as some small gifts for our son. After, he sent us a text message reminder every time we needed to diaper change or bathe him, and immediately responded to questions. I HIGHLY recommend Rabbi Friedman for any bris, you will not find anyone better with service like his!

Lio S.

Rabbi Friedman is not only an accomplished stand up comic who can, and will, enthrall your family and friends with witty stories lathered with Yiddish schmaltz, he is also an unbelievably gentle and precise Mohel. This guy knows baby penis like nobody's business and he doesn't even use those bandages afterwards. Beautiful job, healed quickly and painlessly. The Rabbi was checking on us hourly then bi-hourly after the circumcision to make sure everything was progressing nicely. He reminded us what to do next and was available at all times. He did the male babies of our entire comminity and each one was a masterpiece. Don't think twice, hire him!

Erica K.

Rabbi Friedman is really the best of the best. A Bris for any mom is a very stressful event. Rabbi Friedman helped keep us at ease and made this day stress free. From the very first phone call to him he helped us settle on a beautiful Hebrew name. He arrived promptly at the time we agreed upon. He thoroughly explained the process and what we should expect in the next few days. The Bris was done very fast and by the time the baby realized what happened it was over. Our guests loved him and his wonderful personality. Best part is for the next 24-48 hours he will stay in contact with you. Will ask how the baby is feeling and if any help/advice is needed. 1.5 years later after the Bris he will still reach out to say hello and ask how our boy is doing. He is very highly recommended.

Robert B.

We trusted Rabbi Friedman to be our first child's mohel and we are so happy that we did! He was an amazing resource and guide throughout the process. I was very nervous the night before the bris and Rabbi Friedman took the time to counsel me and offered words of strength and inspiration. It is obvious that Rabbi Friedman does not simply go through the motions as a mohel - rather he helps parents fulfill this important mitzvah with enthusiasm and true spiritual sensitivity. We could not recommend him more highly!

Lau H.

The BEST there is! Rabbi Friedman is funny, personable and professional. He explained and demonstrated the aftercare in great detail and is available for followup anytime you have questions or want confirmation that the bris area is healing well. Would definitely recommend him without hesitation.

Naomi W.

Had a wonderful experience having Rabbi Friedman perform my son's Bris! He is super prepared and I felt very calm as a new mother knowing my son was in good hands. Highly recommend Rabbi Friedman.

Miriam L.

I think I was the MOST nervous mother before my son's Bris but Rabbi Friedman did an excellent job. He is very quick and professional. I know everyone says he does a very entertaining speech before the Bris but I requested he keep the before very short to get the actual Bris over with. He complied with my sort of unusual request without a word. He answered ALL of my questions and generally was very honest and open about the whole procedure. Also I think my baby cries more during a bath than during his Bris! I really can't imagine what I would have done without such an experienced mohel and someone who is so wonderful at reassuring the parents and explaining the aftercare.

Lina K.

Rabbi Friedman is the very best. He made the occasion of our son's Bris a special event for everyone in attendance. He was funny and charming and spent time explaining everything to the guests. Especially my Russian-speaking family was so impressed with his warm, humorous style mixed with his lovely and clear explanations. The cutting itself was quick and my son didn't even cry after. Rabbi Friedman took us through the procedure and aftercare numerous times to make sure we were clear and comfortable with the instructions. He took us through some post Bris diaper changes and then after we were home, he checked in on us every hour to see how we were doing. Talk about 5 star care! He made this nervous hormonal mama laugh through the whole event - now that is pure magic!

Kace M.

To say that I was nervous the morning of my sons Bris would be a grave understatement. Putting on my shoes that morning even seemed like a challenge. Rabbi Friedman made sure we were well informed of the procedure and most importantly kept our son comfortable throughout the entire process. The ceremony was quick and easy. Our son cried only for a few seconds before he went off into a milk and wine induced nap. Rabbi Friedman gave us very clear instructions on how to care for the baby, as well as followed up hourly for the first 24 hours with reminders via phone and text. All our friends and family were raving about our mohel's charm and humor. He really turned this terrifying event into a joyous occasion. We have since recommended him to many of our friends and even attended a Bris he was part of this past week. Rabbi Friedman is the best in the business! Thank you so much for your charm, charisma and absolute professionalism !!

Elizabeth G.

Rabbi Friedman performed the Bris for both of my sons and both times he did a great job. The ceremonies were light hearted and he kept things humorous which calmed me down. Everyone who attended complimented him afterward and said how much they enjoyed him. Rabbi Friedman was very detailed oriented and made sure to explain everything so that we were at ease. The actual Bris was very quick and the boys fell asleep easily after. He followed up numerous time after the Bris and always responds to questions immediately. I highly recommend Rabbi Friedman. He is highly experienced and I doubt there is anyone better to perform a Bris.

Erica Z.

My first son was circumcised in 2008, second one in 2012, third one in 2015. All by Rabbi Friedman. Need I say more? Rabbi Friedman is the best mohel around. Extremely professional while keeping the mood light and happy!

Rozaliya S.

I was shaking and crying since morning at the day of Bris. Never expected such as easy, fast and funny service. Everything went smooth and beautiful. We are so happy we choose rabbi Friedman for our only Son after 3 girls. We couldn't be happier. Thank you rabbi for everything.

Lea G.

I've used Rabbi Friedman for both my boys. Here's why I recommend him without reservation: 1) He tended to both our sons expertly, explaining everything (from pre-care to after-care) patiently and explicitly. This was important for obvious reasons. At no time did I feel unsure or unaware of anything. I knew exactly what was happening and why before, during and after. 2) My husband and I have a very mixed crowd in our circle of friends/family, from super religious to totally unaffiliated to non-Jewish. Not only did he take excellent care of our boys (our first priority, of course), but he conducted a thoroughly engaging and inclusive service that everyone felt good about attending. 3) He is sensitive to everyone's needs. When my younger son was born, we were naturally worried that his big brother would feel left out of things. But Rabbi Friedman, without any prompting, included our older son in the service in a fun and meaningful way that truly made it a day none of us will ever forget. You will not be disappointed.

Jonathan L.

If you need a Mohel for your son, Rabbi Friedman is your guy. No reason to explore any other options! He is incredibly professional while also bringing charm and a great sense of humor. Any anxiety I had going into the Bris was quickly negated after getting off the phone originally with Rabbi Friedman. The best part about the entire experience is that he continually checks up on you and the baby after this Bris, making sure everyone is feeling okay and clear instructions on how to treat the baby. I'm summary, Rabbi Friedman is the "real deal".

Angela S.

Please don't even consider anyone else! I have had Mosche Chaim as the mohel for my 3 sons, and I wouldn't hire anyone else. He has more experience than any doctor - he does a few brises a day in some cases. His experience is unmatched, as is his professionalism and warmth. What is interesting is that the healing and post op care has changed with each of my 3 boys. He is always trying to make things better, easier and smoother. Highly recommend! Do not go to anyone else

Mark H.

AMAZING AMAZING!!! NO WORDS!! We were privileged to have Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman serve as the mohel for two of our boys. He is without a doubt, the MOST AMAZING MOHEL in the NYC area and deservingly so. He is a true "Master" of his craft and is recognized as one of the biggest experts in his field. Due to his extreme popularity, his Bris schedule gets booked up lightning fast. So make sure to book him as early in your pregnancy as possible, and be sure to call him the moment your son gets born. (We actually called him as soon as my wife broke her waters ;-)) As a skillful surgeon, he is a master in technique and medical expertise. A perfectionist with a sensitive and featherlight delicate touch. We knew that our sons were in the best hands possible. His ceremony is warm, elevated, hilarious, passionate, clever, and spiritually uplifting - all combined!! Our guests were mesmerized by the entire Bris experience. Many of our friends made a point to tell us later, that our Bris was the best Bris they ever attended! Rabbi Friedman was definitely BORN to do what he does - and as a mohel - he is by far - in a league of his own.

Igor K.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman performed a beautiful bris ceremony for our son and we cannot say enough great things about him. Although, the bris made us extremely anxious, Rabbi Friedman was able to lighten the tension with his great sense of humor. He made the procedure as easy as possible and explained every step and answered every question. He was always easily accessible and even sent us continuous reminders of how to take care of our son following the days after the bris. He is caring, professional, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that is easily seen through his actions. We really appreciate having him perform our dear son's bris and cannot recommend him enough!

Anna K.

Great job!!! Was very professional. Everything went as planned. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend.

Nicole M.

My husband and I were very impressed by Rabbi Friedman's compassion and competence. We are both physicians and were very pleased that his method involves local anesthesia for the baby. Babies this young certainly still experience pain and we felt that our son's pain was minimized as well as possible. Rabbi Friedman also stood out for his attention to aftercare, texting us several times to remind us how and when to change dressings and to make sure the baby was doing well. He seemed genuinely concerned and I really appreciated his attentiveness and gentle nature.

Dana M.

Rabbi Friedman was the mohel for our son nearly one year ago. I echo most of the other comments. Not only was he prepared, humorous and precise, I have had 3 pediatricians comment on how good our son's private areas look. Also, he was completely open and non judgmental to be our mohel ( my partner and I were not yet married at the time of our son's bris) even though circumstances were a bit non traditional. We also had several guests at our bris who previously had semi negative associations or fictitious assumptions about a bris, and all came away impressed and with positive feelings about the process and ceremony.

Julie I.

The best experience we could have possibly asked for!!! I was a nervous wreck and my husband was very much against having anyone but an MD perform the procedure but Rabbi Friedman exceeded all of our expectations, he was professional, kind, understanding and engaging, explaining the process and the importance including everyone who attended the ceremony. He took great pains in helping me choose an appropriate Hebrew name for my son and answered any questions that we had. On the morning of we realized that we had no Kosher wine and he was calm and was able to find something that was a good substitute. He took great care, ensuring the procedure was sterile and gave incredibly detailed after care instructions and followed up hourly to make sure that both my son and myself were handling everything well. As a nurse I can attest to his cleanliness, he walked me through how to properly clean the area multiple times, making sure frequently that I had no questions or concerns and made himself available for days after should there be any problems. The process was much easier and quicker than anything I have seen performed in a "medical" setting. The baby cried for only a few minutes but recovered very quickly and very well. The after care was very easy to understand and my boy healed within a few days. I would never hire anyone else, my husband and my family where very impressed and I highly encourage anyone who is looking for a Mohel to reach out to Rabbi Friedman.

Alla Z.

Rabbi Friedman did an amazing job on our son's bris. Not only was the procedure fast and painless, he was extremely responsive to our questions after the bris and did everything to reassure us and make sure baby was comfortable. On top of that, he is a great speaker and kept the crowd entertained. We would contact him again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him.

Joshua N.

Rabbi Friedman is by far the top professional in his field. He was recommended to us by a friend who used him, but they did not explain why. After having him as the Mohel for our son's Bris, we now realize why he should be everyone's choice. The day of your son's Bris is one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Rabbi Friedman made us so calm that we did not fret or stress for a second. After meeting him and shaking his hand, I realized that my wife and I had nothing to worry about and our son was going to be in the best possible hands. The process literally took seconds. Rabbi Friedman followed up with us hourly after the procedure to ensure that everything was going as planned. I would recommend him to everyone I know. When we look back on the day of the Bris, we do not recall being nervous at all. We owe a tremendous thank you to Rabbi Friedman for that.

Eric T.

Three years ago Rabbi Friedman performed Brit Milah on my first grandson and on 6/10/16 he did an outstanding service for my second grandson. He came in on time and very well prepared for the ceremony. Rabbi Friedman was very attentive to the child and supportive to the child's nervous mom. After the service he asked her to send him pictures after every gauze change so he can see for himself that everything went well. Also, after finding out that I have a granddaughter as well, he offered to do the naming ceremony right there. Which of course we did. Amazing person, has a great sense of humor and wit. Didn't just come in to do the Brit and leave, but also gave everyone a piece of rabbinical story on the meaning of this religious procedure. Thank you Rabbi.

Kingsley R.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman did an amazing job on my son Shlomo Leib Menachem Mendel. Not only was he not judgemental as someone from a more religious background but he explained everything and made everyone feel included. You want to hire an awesome mohel then my recommendation is to go with Rabbi Friedman he does amazing work and he is an mensch in every sense of the word.

Marina K.

How do you pick a Mohel for your son's Bris??? You ask around, you read reviews, you look them up and try to see something in their eyes that will project confidence. This is how we picked Rabbi Friedman. He came highly recommended by many of our friends, and after looking up his website, and seeing his face I was able to say, I trust this man to perform this delicate procedure and ceremony on my son. From our first phone conversation I was sure that he will do a great job. He was very detailed, very flexible and not judgmental. He arrived to the ceremony on time, he was able to communicate with my family who didn't speak a word in English, and our guests were all in the know of what a Bris was after Rabbi Friedman finished the ceremony. The procedure was quick , and although my baby was crying, it didn't last too long and I was able to cuddle him and hug him right away. Rabbi Friedman kept in touch with us during the day after the procedure to make sure we were changing the gauze properly and on times he set up for us. It has been a week since the Bris and we are healing very well, we are very thankful to Rabbi Friedman for taking this responsibility and welcoming our little guy to Bris with Hashem.


I've been to numerous Bris' and the comfort and ease with with Rabbi Friedman performs a Bris is unmatched. When it came time for our son to enter the fold by removing his fold (pun intended) we choose mohel Friedman to preform the honor. My son is now 4 yrs old and he looks perfect, nothing ever adhered, regrew or any of the other problems that I've heard can be common with circumcision. Another plus is that the Rabbi conforms to the religious or non religious background of the family. He ties in a couple of words from the weeks Parsha, maybe an upcoming holiday and puts in a way that doesn't feel over bearing or super religious. Recently my sister had her baby and of course used Rabbi Friedman for her son. He was kind and generous enough to simultaneously preform our daughters baby naming. Thank you a million times over!!

Previous Review

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman is the ROLLS ROYCE of Mohels! If you are looking for the BEST of the BEST, look no further. He is funny, witty, and puts you at ease. We hired him in the past and I have been to other bris's where he performed his services and each and every time he was professional and did an outstanding job! Thank you so much for everything that you do!

Mike Y.

Rabbi Friedman performed both of our sons Bris with utmost surgical precision and skill. His wonderful sense of humor will put anyone at ease! His use of hemostatic gauze dressing really made a huge difference on the aftercare of the bris. We have been to many Bris ceremonies in the past. Every bris that we have ever attended whether it was friends or family - all hired Rabbi Friedman. This speaks volume! That is a reason why the community and people in general hire Rabbi Friedman. He is a true master of his craft. If you are looking for a Mohel, look no further. You will be in good hands.

Ronnie B.

The Perfect Penis Mohel! That's what Rabbi Moshe Friedman should be called. Rabbi Moshe was absolutely incredible. If only everyone I came across in life provided such high quality service! To start with, in the weeks leading up to the brith we were in constant contact and he kept checking in to ensure all was going well. The day of the brith, I (the father) was a nervous wreck but Rabbi Moshe provided a calm and funny atmosphere so that everyone felt relaxed. And as it turned out, with Rabbi Moshe's hands there was nothing to be nervous about. Throughout the day, after the brith, we received regular texts from Rabbi Moshe reminding us to change the diaper and if we had any questions. Rabbi Moshe has perfected the art of the brith so that it is down to a 3 minute procedure, which went as perfect as could be. Even our pediatrician commented days later that "this circumcision is one of the best i've ever seen!" hence the name, Perfect Penis Mohel. The brith was in June 2016 and I would highly encourage all new parents to look no further than Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman - the Perfect Penis Mohel. Thanks again Rabbi!

Ebie F.

Rabbi Friedman has such joy in his heart that it overflows into everything he says and does. Add to that, he is a perfectionist at circumcision, a magnificently caring human being, and an all around mensch. He did not bat an eye that we are two dads. He wrote: "A Jewish boy deserves a bris and a Jewish girl a baby naming!" People who attended the bris and baby naming of our twins said he was without comparison the best they had ever observed. If I could give a hundred or a thousand stars, I would. He gave us detailed instructions beforehand. He trained us and our baby nurse (she has cared for many, many Jewish boys and never encountered such a detailed and knowledgeable mohel). He followed up hourly. If you have any doubts, put them to rest. This is your son's mohel. Oh, and he has a great sense of humor!!

Yelena M.

From the moment you call him and ask him to do your son's Bris, you feel at ease. You sense his humor, his kindness and his experience. Rabbi Friedman came recommended by my best friend. I watched him in action at her son's Bris 7 months prior. When it was time for my son's Bris, I thought I lived too far in upper Manhattan for Rabbi Friedman to travel, so silly of me- I did not bother to inquire with him. We had a back and forth search for a Mohel that we felt comfortable with. Then an unexpected issue with occurred with our son; he had to be in the NICU for 2 days. I called Rabbi Friedman from the hospital. He was so enthusiastic, flexible, right away said he will do our Bris and promised that everything will be okay. The Bris ceremony was a joyous, stress free, occasion, our guests still talk about him. He makes everyone laugh. As for the circumcision-I agree wholeheartedly with the other reviews, he is a master who has perfected his craft. My husband is a surgeon, our pediatrician was at our Bris ! They were both so impressed with his skill level and confidence. Finally, he walks you through every step of the process and maintains ongoing communication with you as your baby heals. I fully intend to be that nagging Jewish mom, 18 years from now to say "You show me some respect, I hired the Mercedes of Mohels for you when you were born !"

Ana S.

In the first 20 seconds of speaking to Rabbi Friedman on the phone I knew he was the right Rabbi for my son's Bris. He has a great personality and brings a spiritual yet light hearted air to the event. He is great at incorporating requests and including family members in honors. He is gifted at explaining the process and tradition in a mixed faith audience. He uses the quicker instrument for the Bris and everything is sterile. Overall just an outstanding performance and a beautiful resulting Bris that was quick and with little pain. He is extremely helpful with after care and available to answer any questions or concerns. I appreciated that he utilizes text messaging. We also loved the "Bris-kit"! We can't wait to have another boy to enjoy his expertise in the future.

Sergey S.

An exceptionally well done job. We placed the life of our son in the hands of a very professional and caring person. He kept checking on our son everyday until everything was healed. My wife and I are very happy with the bris.

Rita R.

The thought of circumcising a baby on the 8th day of birth, makes me cringe. But after attending our friends son's bris, I was in complete awe. I instantly told my husband Moshe Chaim Friedman is our guy. With his steady and easy hand, the baby didn't cry one bit, and the procedure seemed painless. With his sense of humor and charismatic personality, the guests loved him. He made us feel comfortable and at ease. After going back and forth with how we wanted to circumcise our boy, we knew that we had to do it the "right way," and getting Moshe Chaim Friedman was the right choice. As the day was getting closer to bringing our baby into this world, we reached out to Friedman and asked him to be our Mohel, which he gladly accepted. When the day came, we were all nervous. Not only about the procedure, but our baby boy. Anxiety was an understatement. After nearly 3 long minutes, and lots of tears, the baby was circumcised. It was the quickest and seamless procedure. And when we thought it was all over and done with, we're still left to treat that little mans penis with gentle care. Rabbi Friedman has been on top of it since he minute he left our home. He followed up hourly and sent us reminders to change the gauze pads and soak him in warm water. This type of service was not expected but soooo appreciated. To end it all off, we also received a beautiful certificate made personally for our little man on the day of his circumcision, a goodie bag with items from his own line and we even gave him a Jewish name, which was also the name of one of Moshe's sons. We could not have been more happy with the decision we made to appoint Chaim Friedman as our Mohel for our sons bris. Our guests completely loved him, and he made this not so pleasant experience, extremely easy for us. I would recommend him for anyone who has any second thoughts about whom to choose to circumcise them, or whether it be done at the shul or in the comfort of your own home. Thank you for giving us a perfect little schmeckle.

Revi G.

There are many things I can write about Rabbi Friedman's talent, steady hand, care for newborns, sensitivity to new parents' worries, etc., but the overall "theme" in describing him is his genuine care and compassion. As soon as you speak to him his menschkeit shines through, and we knew it was an instant shidduch as soon as we began our conversations. As soon as I found out we were pregnant with a boy, I immediately began searching for a mohel. And like all parents want for their children, only the absolute best would do. We are fortunate enough to live in an area with many mohel options and recommendations, so I began making phone calls and looking up reviews and references. I came across Rabbi Friedman's through various sources which all kind of came together: a Mom's group on Facebook, several personal friends who've used him, and his write-ups, website, and various online articles. I emailed Rabbi Friedman several months before my due-date, which felt a bit weird planning for something before the baby was even born, but I knew there was no way I was making such a monumental decision in 8 days, while feeling overwhelmed by the joy of having a new baby, recovering from a csection, and being all sorts of emotional and sleep-deprived. Rabbi Friedman was understanding and immediately put my mind at ease, especially about my worry that the baby would roll off the pillow lol! He replied to EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY EMAILS in a timely fashion, answering my questions with care and sensitivity, and putting my mind at ease. I was immediately impressed by his ability to explain his craft and answer questions in great detail and with compassion. I knew that he's heard the same question a million times, but he never made us feel like anything we asked was dumb or unimportant. When you're speaking to him, Rabbi Friedman has genuine kindness in his heart and mamash makes you feel like you're the most important thing in that moment. When the big day came, no one was as nervous as I was. In fact, I emailed Rabbi Friedman the night before in a panic- even telling him that for sure there is no nervous mother like a mother on the night before her son's bris. Rabbi Friedman listened to me, eased my worried mind, and I was able to relax a bit... The next morning everyone gathered for the momentous occasion, and Rabbi Friedman once again proved that he is the Cadillac of mohels. Before the bris, he met with my husband and me and went over every single detail about the baby's aftercare. He spent much time reviewing the hour-by-hour follow-up care and what we'd need to do to keep our son comfortable, clean, and his area sterile and healthy. Then he handed us everything we discussed in writing- because even though we paid attention, of course our minds were all over the place! Rabbi Friedman answered questions before we even asked them, which was amazing and such a relief! He knew exactly what needed and wanted to know, when lets' face it- we didn't know what we didn't know. He was prepared and it's clear that he is a perfectionist in his craft, because we left the bris confident and able to care for our son. At the bris, Rabbi Friedman spoke beautifully (and was so funny!) to the crowd which included 3 year olds, my 90 year old grandmother, and everything in between. He was able to captivate the audience by keeping things light while honoring the beauty , seriousness, sanctity of our son officially becoming a member of the tribe. Everyone in attendance told us it was a beautiful simcha and asked how we found "the amazing mohel". After the bris, Rabbi Friedman texted us hourly reminders all day and evening to make sure we kept up with the aftercare and was available instantaneously for any follow up questions we had. We would recommend Rabbi Friedman to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat. He truly loves what he does, he is committed to his parents and babies, and you can just tell that his heart and soul are in it and that he loves-- as he calls them- "his little friends". One of the most amazing human beings we've ever met, Rabbi Friedman truly does kiddush hashem with every bris he performs, and we are forever grateful he was there for our son's.

S. K.

There is absolutely no one else we could have possibly entrusted our son to for his Brit Milah. From the moment we first contacted Rabbi Friedman by email to the amazingly consistent emails, calls, and texts we instantly knew we'd made the right decision by choosing the same Mohel as many of our closest friends. Rabbi Friedman presided over 3 or 4 ceremonies the day of our son's Brit, but never made us feel rushed for a minute. Rather, he took great care in preparing us for the sequence of events, throughly explained the after care process, and both educated and entertained our family and friends with relatable explanations of the ritual. We had a very mixed bag of guests - some of whom had never been to a Brit before and didn't know what to expect. Everyone commented on how Rabbi Friedman clearly read the room and adjusted his approach on the fly. He was so full of joy and never a shortage of smiles, kind words, or lighthearted banter. As a first time mother, I especially appreciated that Rabbi Friedman took the time to put me at ease and didn't move forward until he knew I was OK. As I stood by (not watching), I was pleasantly surprised to be told it was all over and my baby had hardly made a peep beyond his normal "I'm cold" cry. Phew! We are now one week out from our son's Brit. He has healed AMAZINGLY. Mama and Abba are forever thankful for Rabbi Friedman! See you for the next one (B"H)!

Jess S.

what an Amazing person and the best Mohel! My husband and I were expecting our first child, a boy 🙂 . Ofcourse one starts to think about the Bris and Mohel, but for new parents especially the mother this can be hard to handle. The thought of your baby going through this ... and so I began to stress and think of all the horror stories friends and family went through and I wanted to make certain my baby had the best. After so much research and a very high recommendation from a friend we found Rabbi Friedman (Thank G-D! ). I spoke with him and right away he made me feel so comfortable, it was like this sense of calmness came over me. A sign from G-D he would take good care of my baby. Rabbi Friedman is one of the kindest, most sincere and understanding people I have met and with a steady hand and a heart filled with love . He was not only our Mohel but for months before the Bris he provided guidence and advice on Halacha and baby names (He was our and is our Rabbi too 🙂 ). I couldn't have been more blessed to meet such a person . The Bris was amazing, the atmosphere filled with laughter and so much feeling all because of Rabbi Friedman's amazing sense of humor and love of what he does. It all translates into an experience you'll never forget. Not to mention the after care, instructions and follow ups, he is Amazing and my son was fully healed in a week, no fussing and I only gave Tylenol once. There is no better and should I have a another boy someday we hope he will bless us with another Beautiful Bris! Thank you for all you do. My Hashem give you a life filled with Simchas and Brachot!

Maya P.

we would like to thank Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman for the wonderful and outstanding job he did on our son's bris. of course as any parents are, we were nervous and worried and wanted our son to feel minimal discomfort. Not only did Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman ease our worries, but our son cried for just a few seconds and the whole procedure was over in the blink of an eye. He was extremely precise and took great care to do a wonderful job as a mohel. He gave us easy instructions for aftercare and provided us with all the necessary tools, including his phone number to keep him updated on the initial aftercare, which was every diaper change. He responded in the middle of the night and we were grateful for that. Healing time was very quick and painless. We wish that we had you for our first born baby, but glad we found you for our second. Not only did you do a great job, but you are quite a comedian and great at easing any worries. highly recommended A+++++++

Yael M.

After having two daughters, we were super stressed about the Bris for our son. We have met Mohel Rabbi Friedman on numerous occasions at our friends' and families' Bris, so it was not even a question for us who to choose. Even after seeing him in action and reading all the great reviews, we were still nervous when it came to our son. However, after meeting him and talking to him in person the day of the Bris, we felt at ease. He also gave us great "tips" on aftercare. The ceremony itself was beautiful and entertaining. The procedure was quick and seamless. The baby cried for a second and went back to sleep even without the wine. During the aftercare, Rabbi Friedman was very attentive with text reminders and was quick to answer any additional concerns/questions. Rabbi Friedman made the whole Bris experience less stressful. And on top of it, we received a beautiful Bris Certificate, a very personal touch from Moshe Chaim Friedman. The bottom line, when it comes to Bris, He is your #1 Man, The Best Man!!!! We will continue to recommend Mohel Rabbi Friedman to our friends and family!!!!!

Gary G.

Very happy my friend refered Rabbi Friedman. He is a great crowed pleaser and most of all really takes his job seriously. He was professional, calm and super delicate. Our baby has an amazing schmekel all thanks to him!

Yelena M.

We had a wonderful experience during the bris of our son. Moshe Chaim Friedman is truly one of a kind and did an amazing job with the circumcision and the entire ceremony. I was very nervous about this procedure and he really put me at ease before, during and after the bris. He was very specific with aftercare instructions and guided me every step of the way. I am truly thankful to have worked with Moshe Chaim Friedman during this momentous day in our sons life.

Celua G.

What can I say about this rabbi? He is the celebrity mohel to the stars. He's friendly, funny, and is a true master of his art. When I first called him, I was scared and confused with lots of questions (like any first time Jewish mom) and he was able to answer them all confidently. He continued to follow up with me around my due date and the final days leading to my birth. I couldn't be happier with the ceremony and my baby's cut. He truly delivered the "the brad Pitt of penises". After the bros, he followed up every day to see how the healing was and even had us take some pictures. Even 5 months later, he came to our house for an "adjustment"-just to make sure everything is growing the way it should. If I have a second son, he will definitely be our mohel again.

Mike G.

Few people can say they do miracles on a daily basis, Rabbi Friedman is a true miracle worker. His professionalism and his preparedness is like nothing me or my wife have ever come across before. He is a master of his trade and an unbelievable pleasure to be around. From begging to end he was on top of the whole process and made it so worry free and smooth. We can honestly say our son got circumcised by the best. We will recommend him always. Rabbi again thank you so much for the follow up texts and the great job you did.

Dmitry N.

My wife and I would like to recognize Rabbi Friedman for doing such a fantastic job circumcising our little man. He was very professional, prompt, and respectful. He was there early to prepare, meet and greet, and even take pictures with the family. He met with us prior to the procedure to explain every step, including what to do during, after and things to expect on the days following the procedure. If we had a question, he would promptly reply to phone calls, text messages and emails. As parents, you of course will be nervous during the procedure. But even then Rabbi Friedman will try to calm your nerves with a little history of why a bris is important and will even throw in a few jokes. If you're looking for the best mohel....look no further. Thanks again Rabbi Friedman for doing such a great job.

Raisa S.

Where do I start? There are very few hands that you would entrust your baby into, luckily you have a pair more if you have Rabbi Friedman perform the bris. Besides being patient, answering texts at all times of the day and sending constant reminders of what to do, he also has hands of gold. Even our pediatrician couldn't stop talking about what a perfect job Rabbi Friedman did. Thank you Rabbi Friedman for making yourself available and doing what you do best!!!

Gary S.

I usually don't leave reviews its done by my better half! But Rabbi Friedman deserves a lot more stars than allowed by yelp. I have been to a few wonderful ceremonies conducted by Rabbi Friedman. Therefore, i knew he was the man for the job when we expected our son. The wonderfully performed ceremony took place and after care began that me and my wife were highly concerned with. Our Mohel, Rabbi Friedman stayed fully connected at all times. All i can say HE IS THE MAN FOR THE JOB!!! We are blessed to have such individual in our community!!!

Sarah L.

I absolutely cannot say enough wonderful things about Rabbi Friedman, who performed the Bris of my first child last week. I was referred to him by a good friend of mine, a pediatrician, who had heard WONDERFUL things about him, and he was more wonderful than I could have hoped for. Rabbi Friedman lead the most beautiful, touching ceremony I could have imagined. He had my guests laughing and crying, and all approaching me after the ceremony to say how amazing he was. Even more importantly, he did a fantastic job with the circumcision- my pediatrician friend watched the whole procedure and had only great things to say about his technique. It is only one week later and my son is completely healed and aesthetically perfect! He barely cried during the procedure too. Today we saw the doctor for my son's two week checkup. She confirmed that our mohel did an excellent job!! To top it off, Rabbi Friedman has contacted me almost every single day, sometimes multiple times a day to check in on how my son is doing, and to send me reminders of how to care for him. He gave me thorough instructions, left me with tons of supplies, and made me feel confident about my ability to care for him. I actually said today that I hope I have more boys so Rabbi Friedman can come back. If you're looking for a beautiful ceremony and a professional job, Rabbi Friedman is the mohel for you!!! Thanks Rabbi!!

Sim O N.

If your looking for perfection Rabbi Moshe Friedman is the person you are looking for. Where to begin?... Not only is his demeanor amazing, he puts you at ease from the moment you let him know you had a little boy. He is always available to answer all questions not just before the circumcision but any following days there after. From the moment Rabbi Friedman comes in the room you feel nothing but calmness and trust in him. He will put you at ease immediately. The technique he uses is simply genius! Very quick! Right after he makes sure you are able to take care of the babys changes. He takes such pride in this its truly amazing to watch and be apart of.!

Raquel V.

Rabbi Friedman is not only warm, caring and personable; he is professionally an amazing Mohel. His work is clean, neat and perfection! Medical professionals have complimented his work; its precision and outcome. I couldn't have imagined any one else (doctors and surgeons included) performing a circumcision on my son where my son would have received such care and attention to detail as he did with Rabbi Friedman

Inna P.

Hello Readers, If you assumed that Bris in itself is an important matter, wait until you get to know Rabbi Friedman. You will realize that there are: "Pre-Bris" and "Post-Bris" parts to it. In my case the Pre-Bris included endless questions, which were answered clearly and patiently as well as deep psychological support at the end of which I was convinced that my only son is in the right hands. He explained in detail what to expect and provided me with well documented list of supplies I needed to arrange (some of which are provided by him free of charge 🙂 ). As to main event I would grade him A+ as well. He did arrive on time and quickly took care of the overwhelmingly nervous audience (including myself) by running through entertaining psychological mantra. He then started the ceremony and quickly proceed to the "main event". I noticed the cleanliness of his tools and professional demeanor while he was performing anesthesia and verifying that the area is numb. And here, within blink of an eye came the cut!. Yet, I couldn't believe it was over. Truly amazing speed. The baby has barely noticed it and felt very comfortable. Next, is the the reason why I decided to make it a 5 star review. The Post-Bris: The Rabbi took myself and my wife to the side and explained how we should care for the baby in the next week or so and handed us the well documented hard copy of the instructions. He then demonstrated to us how to treat the "area" by using his suggested method which from everything I've read on the internet prior to the procedure, is quite unique. He stayed with us for some time to show us how to change the gauze and verified that we are comfortable doing it ourselves. Also, he insisted we text him after several initial changes. He kept texting us reminders so we don't miss the change time. He stayed in touch with us for quite some time after leaving so we didn't feel overwhelmed and abandoned. One week after the procedure, it looks as though our son was born this way. I am sure there are many other good mohels out there, but for us Rabbi Friedman rose above all in terms of professionalism, personality and equally important continuous emotional support for the parents. I would definitely recommend him.

Lina S.

I have known Rabbi Friedman for about 7 years prior to our twins bris. I met him while photographing a Bris for a client. I was amazed at his composure, sterile approach, humor and kindness and when I came home I told my husband I have found a mohel for when we have our next son. Through the years I have photographed many Brisim where Rabbi Friedman has been a mohel and my feelings never changed. I have referred him to my friends who had boys and they all loved him. When I found out I was expecting twin boys Rabbi Friedman was the second person (after my mom) who we spoke to after our appointment. He has been extremely supportive through the entire process. Our twins were premies so we had to wait and Rabbi Friedman was extremely attentive. On the day of the bris he was amazing - charismatic and funny, making nervous husband, siblings and grandmas comfortable. His attention to detail and cleanliness is like none other - the care package he prepared was incredible. He performed both brisim swiftly, sterily, and with so much good humor that our guests thought he was a stand up comedian. After the bris he was sending us hourly texts to check in and remind us to change the bandages. And the boys healed quickly and beautifully. I hope I get to see Rabbi Friedman for many years to come at many more simhas (including the brisim of my future grand babies).

Stan M.

Excellent multiple experiences with a spiritual professional . Started with a recommendation from a friend that blossomed into a wonderful friendship . Rabbi Friedman officiated at my sons bris . I've called upon him multiple times for friends and family . He even took a few moments to bless my daughter when we bumped into him at a friends bris . Always a fantastic experience . Explains everything fully , follows up the next few days , and blesses the family with a certificate. Highly recommend.

Jacqueline E.

Rabbi Friedman performed by sons' bris this past Thursday and he was just fantastic. He made us (the parents) feel calm, and each of our guests felt included in the beautiful ceremony, and naming. The most amazing part, was of course the PERFECT job he did with the circumcision, but I have to add on top of that - the follow up care for our new baby boy. We got texts checking in and reminding us of what to do, and if we had a question, he followed up with us within minutes! Thank you Rabbi Friedman!!

Quart K.

Rabbi Friedman was recommended to me by my brother, a pediatrician, at the recommendation of his physician coworkers. Rabbi Friedman performed a most beautiful and sentimental ceremony for my son. My friends and family were amazed as well and complemented Rabbi on his endearing nature. As for the procedure itself, my brother observed Rabbi Friedman's procedure and was impressed with the technique in which Rabbi performed the circumcision, not to mention in a quarter of the time it takes the doctors in the hospital where he works. My husband and I are both doctors ourselves and appreciated the sanitization and extra care that Rabbi Friedman used. Furthermore, after the circumcision, Rabbi Friedman went above and beyond and stayed for hours afterwards to assist my husband and me with diaper changes. We have been to other Briss ceremonies and never witnessed the mohel stay after the circumcision. Additionally, Rabbi Friedman provided very clear instructions with regard to how to care for our son for weeks after the Briss. He even texted and called to follow up to make sure we are on track and had no concerns. To top it all off, my son's pediatrician complimented the wonderful job that Rabbi did (proud Daddy moment)! Overall, there is no one else I would trust more than Rabbi Friedman to perform this very meaningful and important ceremony in a Jewish boy's rite.

Irine S.

Had Moshe Friedman perform my son's Brit Mila on 4/23/17 and he was incredible. All through the process he kept the attendees engaged. The actual procedure was done with surgical precision and was completed quickly. He gave perfect follow up care instructions that were verbal AND written. Rabbi Friedman followed up with us for 2 days in a row at every dressing change. He is really an amazing mohel and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to others. Do yourself a favor and use him for your next Bris. Thank you 🙂

Lenny P.

There are times on our lives that we hit milestones, some are greater than other. For my wife and I, it was when we found out that we are expecting our first child, which happened to be a boy. As soon as we spread the AMAZING news to our friends, they all said "Lenny you must reach out to Rabbi Friedman" and so I did. After our conversation, I realized why he was so highly recommended. Through out the remainder of the Pregnancy, Rabbi Friedman has reached out to us, following up on my wife's well being. It was a remarkable to see someone who I spoke to on the phone once, cared about us like he was family. Finally the day came, and our son arrived( a few weeks earlier then expected) and so I called Rabbi Friedman to let him know that our son was born so we could set up the big day. The morning of the Bris I was extremely nervous, but once Rabbi Friedman walked through the door, I felt at total ease. His great sense of humor and his remarkable personality, I felt totally calm. The ceremony went by beautifully and flawless. It was done not only on a very professional level, but it was also done with LOVE and passion. Once the Bris was over, Rabbi Friedman kept on checking up on us and the baby to make sure everything is going according to plan, he would txt me to remind me about the dressing changes and was there to answer any of my questions that I had. Rabbi Friedman didn't just me come our Mohel, he became a very close friend.

Efrat P.

Rabby Friedman was truly amazing!! This was the Bris for my second son, I had a rough Bris reaction for my first son (with a different Mohel), so I was naturally super stressed about this one. From the moment we contacted Rabby Friedman, everything was so organized. We got an email with all info and explanations on how to prep for the Bris. During the actual circumcision, my son didn't even cry. Rabby Friedman used local Anastasia and the entire process took seconds only. After the ceremony the Rabby gave me a "goodie" bag with all things needed to change the baby and I even got a lovely certificate and a gift for the baby! I also got a very detailed explanation on how to care for the area by the Rabby as well as in paper. Rabby Friedman was so calm and organized, I felt like this time I really knew what's going on (even though it was my second Bris, I didn't really feel prepared before Rabby Friedman's prep). Everything went so smooth! My son barely cried after the procedure, and the Rabby was in contact with me every hour!! Checking up on diaper changes and any other questions I had. He truly made me feel secure, knowing I can reach him at any time and he will answer any question or concern I may have! The area healed so nicely and quickly after the circumcision. The pediatrician was very impressed!!! We were also very impressed (knowing how it looked with our first Bris. I highly recommend Rabby Friedman!! He did an amazing job and most importantly helped me feel calm and secure during this stressful time. He promised he will take care of my son as if it was his own child and I truly feel that he did!! Thank you so much Rabby Friedman!! We really appreciate it!!!

Zarina P.

To say that Rabbi Friedman is a great mohel would be an understatement. Rabbi Friedman is always available to answer any questions promptly and the technique he uses is the best I have seen thus far. In addition to being a mohel, he is also quite the entertainer, keeps the crowd laughing, and has such positive energy. Calls and checks up on aftercare for the baby and sends reminders. He is truly one of a kind.

Andrea S.

Rabbi Friedman is a phenomenal mohel. He has done both my son's in the past 2 years. After the first bris, there was no hesitation, we would use him again. Rabbi Friedman is extremely professional, personable, and an expert at his craft. He gives you step by step instructions for after care and is always available for questions. He performs a beautiful ceremony with the family. Rabbi Friedman understands any concerns you may have a first-time parent and is always there to address them. It is with the highest regard that we recommend him to perform a bris.

Elisa K.

Rabbi Friedman came highly recommended from a long time friend. He was incredibly kind and helpful during the months before my son was born. He checked on us and was great answering any questions. The day of the bris, he was on time and performed a wonderful service. His warm personality made the day fun! I highly recommend Rabbi Friedman. Our son is doing beautifully since his bris.

Pauline B.

I can't not begin to explain how amazing my sons bris was. Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman was extremely caring with my son and was always readily available for any questions and concerns we had. During the ceremony he explained to our family and friends the significance of the bris. As a mother I could not ask for a better person to take care of my son.

Alex K.

As soon as I found out that I'm having a boy, I knew Rabbi Friedman had to be the mohel! Having Rabbi Friedman perform the bris was the best decision my husband and I made. From the first contact you make with Rabbi Friedman he puts you at ease. Responds very quickly to texts, calls, fb messages. Takes his time to explain and answer any questions. On the day of the Bris his easy and very pleasant attitude makes you relax. He explains and helps with the aftercare. His "job" didn't end on the day of the bris. He is super attentive and makes you feel very comfortable at making sure everything is perfect.

Richard G.

Never in my life would I have predicted that I would be writing a Yelp review for a Mohel that performed on a Bris for my son. But here we are. Rabbi Friedman is as amazing as they say he is. After witnessing his work at my cousin's Bris earlier this year, the choice was simple. During my wife's first phone call to him, he guaranteed her that my son would have "the Ryan Gosling of penises." She called me immediately and said she was sold. Not only did everything go as perfect as he said it would, but Rabbi Friedman's work doesn't stop there. He was meticulous in his instructions to us, staying to ensure that not only was the baby properly bandaged, but we knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Moreover, he messaged my wife and I every single hour on the hour: alerts, instructions and requesting updates. His job is not finished until he knows that all is well. If you're serious about entrusting someone, trust Rabbi Friedman. He simply is the best.

Lena Z.

My husband and I can't say enough great things about Rabbi Moshe. He was recommended to us by a good friend who spoke highly of him. The minute we spoke on the phone I knew we hit a jackpot! Being both doctors we first wanted to see a urologist for opinion prior to Bris but no one would see us until 6months. Rabbi Moshe got us an appointment in less then 24hrs with a chief urologist day prior to Bris. When we told urologist who our mohel would be, he spoke very highly of him which made us even more excited to meet him. Rabbi Freedman let us arrange the Bris at our home at the best time convenient to our family without hesitation. When he arrived he was funny, confident , kind, knowledgeable and made the entire Bris experience a truly special and memorable event for our family. My husband has seen many circumcisions at the hospital and said Rabbi Moshe did a better job then he has ever seen throughout his medical training. After the circumcision Rabbi Friedman contacted us frequently to make sure we were doing everything correctly and that healing was going well. He provided our little guy top notch care and we highly recommend him to any family looking for a Mohel!

Madison M.

Very responsive to my many questions before and after. Actual circumcision was quick and thorough care instructions were provided. Overall, experience was made not as stressful for parents as it could be!

Olya M.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Freedman performed the best Brit Milah service that I, my family and guests have ever experienced. From the very beginning he calmed our nerves and helped us prepare for this truly special day. He opened the service with an educational and entertaining explanation of the meaning behind the bris ceremony enlightening guests both Jewish and non. My guests raved that it was the funnest, most entertaining, emotional and wonderful bris they had ever been to. The procedure itself was done so professionally and with great care. Rabbi Freedman took the time to explain all the aftercare to my husband and I, and even sent text message reminders afterwards and was available for questions to ensure proper healing. Our son is healing beautifully and truly revealed his strength and bravery at 8 days old! We highly recommend Rabbi Friedman and are so thankful for the all-round amazing work he did!

Annie B.

Yes, Rabbi Friedman lives up to his reputation. (And yes, I also can't believe I'm writing a review on Yelp for a Mohel). Needless to say, it's a stressful occasion for any mama, so I felt reassured by the Rabbi's experience before, during, and even afterwards. Rabbi Friedman left us with very clear instructions on how to care for the baby and followed up everyday to remind us and check on healing. Thanks Rabbi!

Dana N.

He was great! He was funny at the bris and followed up a lot afterwards. Baby looks great. We would use him for the next one.

Yelena S.

Rabbi Friedman performed a bris on our first born on 10/29/17. Considering I was a nervous wreck before the bris day, he was available to answer all questions and concerns before, during and after the circumcision. He assured me and reassured that everything was going to be smooth sailing and it most definitely was. His down to earth personality made me feel comfortable and at ease. He is a master of his craft. We are so thankful to have found him.

Suzanna B.

When Levi was born I had many questions and concerns clouding my mind considering the circumstances under which he was born! The one thing I knew with absolute certainty is when time comes I want only Rabbi Friedman to perform Levi's Bris. This very important milestone in Levi's life was reached with utmost care and precision from Rabbi's side. Rabbi Friedman is truly a master of his craft! Aside from being an amazingly warm, personable and pleasant person to deal with who kept in touch months prior to Levi's Bris following up on Levi's well being and health, Rabbi Friedman has magic hands, a true gift from G-d. I was at my wits end about the outcome considering that Levi was a chubby 6 month old, but Rabbi made me feel at ease and followed up every hour on the hour with reminders, questions and alerts! His job didn't end when he walked out of the door of my house after the ceremony. In his own words he provides a "Lifetime Guarantee" and I can completely attest to that. I would only trust Rabbi Friedman should I decide to go for number 4! Thank you Rabbi Friedman for giving us the honors!

Sasha G.

Rabbi Friedman was just amazing by all means. Before the brit, he prepared us with the essentials we needed to have, and the information as of what to expect. He came to our place for the brit and made us feel very comfortable. After brit, he contacted us to follow up the recovery and was very responsive with our questions. Thank you Rabbi for the beautiful words during the brit, and your help with everything.

Liz N.

Rabbi moshe Chaim Friedman is an amazing mohel. I highly recommend him. He did an amazing job. He is also very informative and always contacting messaging if everything was ok etc. I felt comfortable and happy with our choice.

Mila A.

There aren't enough good things to say about Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman! From the first conversation we had to the constant checking in and well wishes, he was attentive and caring like non other. His light hearted demeanor at the bris made everyone feel comfortable and a part of the amazing event. His thorough instruction of aftercare made it easy to care for the baby. He would even text when it was time to change the gauze to remind you to do so. There is no other mohel like this out there- this is my third boy and I have never been more happy with the experience that he provided me. There is no one else I would recommend for a bris other than Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman- he is by far the cream of the crop!

Michelle S.

It would probably be impossible to find a better Mohel than Rabbi Friedman! He is amazing at what he does and has absolutely everything down to a science for the whole entire process from beginning to end! We feel so happy that we were able to work with him- a true professional in every sense of the word!! Everything was as smooth and easy as can be thanks to Rabbi Friedman! You really don't have to worry about ONE THING when working with him! Kind, funny, easy to work with and communicate with, truly cares about what he does, and has it all covered. Our son's Bris would not be what it was without you- you made it truly enjoyable and memorable with your presence! Anyone to have you as their mohel in the future is very very lucky!! Thank you!!!

Phil A.

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Rabbi Friedman last week when he presided over the bris of our beloved son. I am so glad that we chose Rabbi Friedman as he made the day so special. Prior to the bris he was attentive and responsive in answering all of our questions and putting us at ease. On the day of the event he used humor to engage our guests, performed a beautiful ceremony and expertly did the deed! Our son also appreciated the small amounts of kosher wine he got to enjoy. Afterwards, Rabbi Friedman explained all of the aftercare information we needed and followed up with us regularly in the days afterward. A few days later we went to the pediatrician for a regular check up and she commented on how well the bris was performed! Thank you, Rabbi Friedman!

Ori C.

You absolutely can't go wrong with Rabbi Friedman. We used him for the second time last week! Words alone are not a strong enough medium to use, to accurately describe the amazing experience and privilege we had in having him as the Mohel for both of our sons. Being the typical Jewish Mom that I am, I contacted him the moment I learned that I was expecting and throughout my pregnancy he was constantly available to answer all of my questions, listening to me so patiently and graciously, without ever once making me feel as though I was pestering him. He brings a tremendous sense of calm and aura of confidence that melts away any anxiety and tension a mom may feel and makes the experience of a baby's Bris so easy! The Ceremony itself was festive with Rabbi Friedman officiating with his trademark humor - that had all our guests marvel at the beauty of the Bris Experience. The surgical part was lightning quick - my son barely flinched and the results were stunning! The healing was amazingly fast as well - in fact the day after the Bris, my son was completely healed and I was able to bathe him normally. If you are reading this and contemplating whom to choose as the Mohel for your precious newborn, please consider yourself lucky if Rabbi Friedman is available and agrees to be your son's Mohel.

Mi L.

When I found out I was pregnant with a baby boy, I started researching a mohel. Rabbi Friedman had amazing 5 star rating and I decided to go with him. It was the best decision ever! He followed up closer to the due date to make sure all is well. On the day if the bris, he told us few funny stories to deflect the attention of the actual procedure. The procedure was super quick and the baby cried no longer than a minute. Rabbi Friedman has great personality, sense of humor and is a true artist of his craft! He performed a beautiful and meaningful ceremony for my family. After the bris he followed up with text messages to ensure the baby is doing fine. I highly recommend him as a mohel -- 10 stars in my book!

Alex R.

Rabbi Friedman is an excellent Mohel. We are very happy that Rabbi Friedman performed Bris of our son. He is very punctual, explains everything well and most of all he performed procedure perfectly. We highly recommend Rabbi Friedman.

Eugene B.

Rabbi Friedman exceeded my family's and mine expectations for our first born son's bris. From his initial communications through the entire process, Rabbi Friedman has been very professional, thoughtful, patient and down right great! The bris is an intimidating procedure and Rabbi Friedman made sure that not only our baby was calm but that the parents are also calm. Prior to the procedure, Rabbi Friedman talked us through the entire process, provided all of the essential supplies for the after care and made himself available at all times afterwards. The circumcision came out perfectly. Even the baby's pediatrician, two days after it took place, said it was done perfectly. We could not have made a better choice than Rabbi Friedman. Thank you!

Tali K.

Rabbi Friedman recently did my son's bris and did an excellent job. He was very professional and great at easing our anxiety. He was also excellent with follow up, sending us reminders for post circumcision care and very responsive to our questions and concerns. We recommend him warmly.

Sarah H.

I am happy to add my voice to the chorus of praise for Rabbi Friedman. I knew I wanted Rabbi Friedman to be the mohel for my son when I saw him at my friend's son's bris last year. He lived up to our expectations. Most importantly, he is an expert at his craft- the circumcision was flawless and our son is healing quickly. Communication with Rabbi Friedman has been fantastic since I initially contacted him last year, and the Rabbi guided us through the process both before and after the bris. Any question I had/have has been answered without any delay. When it comes to a procedure this sensitive and important, we would only entrust our son to the best Mohel. Very happy we found him!

Orrie M.

As new parents my wife and I were very nervous leading up to the bris. Rabbi Friedman did an amazing job at making us feel very comfortable with the process as well as consistently being in contact with us even after the bris to check in on us and the baby. Can't thank him enough.

Karina F.

Rabbi Friedman was incredible to say the least. He treated our newborn son as if he were his own. As a new mom I was understandably nervous and anxious but rabbi Friedman put all my worries at ease. My husband and I can not thank him enough for welcoming our little man into the tribe! Not to mention Rabbi Friedman called and texted many times to check up on our baby. You would have a very difficult time finding a more knowledgeable, caring, kind, and professional mohel than Rabbi Friedman!

Ester D.

We all want the best for our children. Rabbi Friedman is the best mohel! Thank you so much for a spectacular job and an easy and beautiful experience. Your energy made it stress free! Thank you for your clear instructions and constant reminders, you are beyond amazing! If you are expecting than without a doubt rabbi Friedman should be your first choice for mohel! Top notch!!!! Thanks again and may gd bless your hands!

Vicky N.

As medical professional I was really nervous about my little boy having a traditional bris and not one in the hospital. After many recommendations from family and friends we decided to go with Rabbi Friedman. From the very moment we contacted him he was reassuring and made us feel as if we were his family. The day of the brit was hectic for me and my husband (a ceremony of over 200 people) the rabbi made us feel so secure. He walked us through every step and reassured us the whole process would go smoothly and it did! My baby only cried for the very few seconds it took for the circumcision and NO tears afterwards, not even during dressing/diaper changes! The rabbi kept in touch with me hours and days after the brit and was very responsive to any questions. I'm writing this review 2 weeks after our brit and I must say it could not look any more perfect. Thank you Rabbi

Michelle R.

Rabbi Friedman was a pleasure to work with. As a first time mom, I was filled with so many emotions and he made sure to put me at ease. Whatever he promised, he delivered. Not only was he a true professional but also knew how to engage our guests and make our ceremony that much more memorable. My family is very grateful to him and highly recommend him without any reservation

Yael R.

We had Rabbi Friedman for my son's Bris. He was great! Very professional, caring and kept it short and my son very calm 🙂 he hardly cried. After the Bris Rabbi Friedman kept in touch and made sure everything is going well. I would recommend Rabbi Friedman to anyone who asks! Thank you Rabbi!

Artur D.

Rabbi Moshe is an amazing mohel. My wife and I were very stressed on the day of the bris and Rabbi Moshe was very assuring he made the ceremony very fun and took away the stress by making it look easy, he is a true professional in his field of work. He is really competent in what he does and we highly recommend him. Rabbi Moshe also provided gifts for our son, supplied all needed items for the care post circumsicion, he had everything professionally written out step by step and we didn't have to worry about anything on the day of the bris. He also took the time to text and call on the day of and after making sure our little boy was okay. He was also able to answer any questions and concerns we had. We have never experienced such a professional, and caring individual. If he could receive 10 stars on Yelp this is what we would give him. Our sons penis looks amazing and he did not have any complications. You can tell he truly loves what he does. We highly recommend him.

Victoria K.

Here's the bottom line folks... If your in the market for a pee pee snipping, there's no other mohel that would do it with more percision, accuracy and charisma than Rabbi Friedman. He is an absolute professional in every single way and i can't say enough good things about him. Rabbi Friedman did the bris on all my three sons, and from our very first encounter I felt that this guy was a pro. Aside from keeping my guests laughing and entertained, he took us through the entire process before the ceremony so we know what to expect as well as alleviate some nervousness. After the ceremony he made sure to go over the after care and followed up hourly on the diaper changes and the babies well being. He is a master of his craft and I recommend him above all!

Alla S.

The best mohel around! He made me calm when I was a complete mess. My son only cried because he was cold and he is recovering so nicely! He made me and my guests laugh and celebrate even though we were all uneasy about the actual deed. I'm so so glad I called him! If I have more sons I will only call him and recommend him without hesitation to anyone in the market for a bris for their little bundle of joy!

Lenochka B.

Very caring person ,excellent service!!! We are very happy that our dear son was in the hands of a beautiful Rabbi!!! Thank you one more time from us!!!!

Marat K.

When our son was born Rabbi Friedman was at the top of list as a mohel recommendation. After dealing with Rabbi Friedman it is no wonder why he comes so highly recommended. He was very informative from start to finish. Before the ceremony he took the time to calm down my wife as she was freaking out. He then proceeded to explain how the ceremony will be performed including the cutting of the shmekle. His ceremony is full of humor and that helps make the event more pleasurable and not dull. After the snipping, Rabbi Friedman takes the time to explain the proper care and the correct way to change the diaper. what really took me over the moon is his professionalism. He told us we need to change the gauze every two hours and he would text us letting us know 2 hours are up and it's time for the next diaper change. We also texted him several times during the two-week healing process and his response was within a minute! I would definitely recommend Rabbi Friedman to anyone looking for mohel and will be definitely using him for our next male child.

Alexander K.

Rabbi Friedman is a mohel master craftsman. The healing process went so well thanks to your supportive follow ups. My wife and I couldn't have made a better choice. Thank you for doing such a great job!!!

Eugene G.

Rabbi Friedman was highly recommended and we were not disappointed. He's very skilled, caring, compassionate, and warm-hearted. The ceremony he conducted was beautiful and full of warmth and humor. Most importantly, he did a terrific job with our son's bris. Rabbi Friedman was fast and his follow-up instructions were very helpful. The healing was quick and our son slept soundly and was not fussy at all after the bris. Rabbi Friedman is a national treasure. G-d bless his hands!

Giania R.

I am so happy Rabbi Friedman was our mohel! He is so patient, thorough , knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor! He walked us through the entire process from beginning to end and even gave us a kit with all we needed for the after care. He made sure we knew exactly how to change the diaper and stayed in touch to ensure all was well. The baby healed nicely and in a short period of time. Rabbi Friedman exceeded our expectations and I can't imagine going through this experience with anyone else. If you're reading this because you're searching for a Mohel, search no more and contact him!!

Eugene K.

Rabbi Friedman was amazing. The whole process was seamless and the rabbi was always available before and after for questions. Would recommend Rabbi Friedman for all your Bris needs !!!

Michael J.

Let's start with the fact that I never thought I will be on yelp writing a review for a mohel. We found him on Facebook through mutual friends that recommended him and really all I can say is that he is amazing from start to finish. He was there on time and made every one feel at ease with the whole thing. It's our first son and our first child so we were worried after it was done, he texted us every 2 hours to make sure we are ok and to make sure we are changing the gauze bandages on time and he helped us with the first shower the day after. He was very responsive to all questions my wife and I had throughout the healing process. Remember we are first time parents so we had a LOT of questions, but he kept us at ease the entire time. I will only use him if I have another son and I highly recommend him to other parents with flying colors!!

Adam B.

I normally do not write reviews on yelp but I felt compelled to write one for Rabbi Friedman for the Bris that he performed on my son Jacob. He was an absolute professional throughout the procedure and still continues to answer our texts as my wife and I are overly concerned parents given the Bris occurred about a week ago. During the procedure, Rabbi Friedman was quick and precise while also providing some humor to alleviate some stress from all of us. Overall, a very stressful and daunting procedure turned into a memorable, pleasant experience (well as pleasant as a Bris could be) and we have Rabbi Friedman to thank for it. As a doctor myself, there was an option of having it done in the hospital; however, I have heard some horror stories of the procedure having to be done multiple times which prolongs pain to the little one. We are extremely satisfied with the job Rabbi Friedman has done and I highly recommend him.

Hal B.

Rabbi Friedman is the best! Plain and simple. If you're looking for someone talented, professional, but also down-to-earth, and funny, Rabbi Friedman is your man! He teaches you about what he's going to do and what to do afterwards, and also sends text reminders throughout the rest of the day and night into the next morning. Don't look for any other mohel. You won't regret it!

Ariel M.

As a first time mother, I was terrified of the Bris experience, however, through numerous friends who have also used Rabbi Friedman, I was told that I had nothing to worry about and that my son was in the best hands! Not only was that 1000% true but the whole experience from the day of the Bris to the time my son was healed had completely exceeded my expectations! Rabbi Friedman is absolutely amazing at what he does in all aspects, from the actual procedure to calming first time parents, he made the experience an absolute pleasure! I will definitely use him again should I have another boy and I would recommend him to anyone! If I could give 10 stars I would, he's fantastic!

Moshe T.

We used Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman for the Bris of our son and that was the best decision we could have possibly made. The ceremony was beautiful and he made sure that everyone felt welcomed and relaxed. Rabbi Friedman's demeanor is so calming - and his hilarious approach made our entire family and all guests enjoy his presence at every single moment! Not only does he take the time to explain the traditions during the ceremony, but he also guides you step by step on how to take care of the area after the bris. (very easy btw!) Our son healed perfectly and in lightning speed. Rabbi Friedman has golden hands - and a golden heart, something very important when you're looking for a Mohel. We recommend him without hesitation. In fact, we can assure you that your son will be extremely lucky to have him - Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman - the ultimate master mohel!

Jay G.

Hands down the best Mohel. This man is amazing. He made the entire experience very comfortable. He knew exactly what he was doing and he made the childs comfort and safety his #1 priority. Rabbi Freidman is the best of the best and i would recommend him over and over to everyone. Today was Briss #2. As usual this mans performance was amazing. He is by far the best mohel in the world. Thank You!!!

Paula K.

Rabbi Friedman performed the bris on our son in our home a couple of days ago! I could not have been happier with the whole ceremony. He was very clear in the instructions and tried his best to keep us calm during the process. He performed everything super clean which was very important to me as I am a nurse. He kept checking on how baby is doing and making sure we are performing the aftercare correctly. Before Shabbat he texted us further instructions for the next couple of days which was so great. Highly recommended.

Shauli G.

Highly recommend this mohel for anyone who is, like we were, afraid or inexperienced. The rabbi showed up to our home and made us both super comfortable, despite my initial hesitation. He explained his every step during the circumcision, was very reassuring, and he stayed involved in the healing process after. I was beyond impressed with his passion and care for our boy and to the entire family. I did not think I will enjoy this experience one bit but rabbi Moshe Chaim proved me wrong. For that, and for the beautiful job he did on our son, ill forever be grateful.

Meyer D.

The man has the magic touch. Truly a royal treatment for our son. Highly recommended

Gab J.

When I was pregnant with my child (not knowing if it was a boy) I thought I better get prepared if I am having a boy. The first preparation that mattered the most was the mohel. After speaking to many parents with boys and reading countless reviews and reading websites, I came to the conclusion that Mohel Friedman was the best choice. He was professional, friendly, on top of every last detail before, during and after the Bris. My husband and I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Mohel Moshe Chaim Friedman is simply the best and has hands and a heart of gold. Thank you!

Marina K.

Thank you for a beautiful, heartwarming and stress-free Brit Milah for Asher yesterday!! Highly recommend!

Svetlana S.

There is no one I would trust to perform a bris more than Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman! Not only is he highly skilled in what he does, he makes everything much easier to get thru with his sense of humor. We used Rabbi Friedman in Dec 2015 when our first son was born, and then again in Nov 2017 for our second son. Everything was done perfectly, my guests absolutely loved him and he followed up after the bris to make sure everything was healing nicely and that there was nothing to worry about! Skilled mohel with a great sense of humor, what else could you ask for?

Margarita V.

When looking for a Mohel for our son's bris, we heard great things about Moshe Chaim Friedman from our friends. After getting in touch with Rabbi Friedman, he was very deligent at explaining everything and answered all my questions and concerns, as this was my first baby boy. Rabbi Friedman was very sensitive and attentive to our requests. When our little prince arrived and bris day came along, Rabbi Friedman was on time, calm and collected, which is more than I can say for myself, 8 days post partum. We had a family gathering at home for the ceremony and Rabbi Friedman involved everyone. He was very quick with the Bris, our son barely cried, and was thorough with his instructions. I appreciated his dedication to following up with after care and well being. He was always available for random text messages I had about the healing process. We are grateful for the perfect bris experience Rabbi Friedman gave us and I know my son will be too. Thank you!

Victoria L.

Rabbi Friedman is the best. There's no room for error here when choosing a mohel. You will not regret this choice. Kind, professional, warm, quick and thorough pre, during, and post and humorous keeping things light and comforting for new mother of precious baby boy.

Liya V.

I was blessed to have Rabbi Friedman perform my younger sons bris, I had a terrible experience with my older one so I was super nervous and anxious. Rabbi Friedman made me and my family feel very comfortable and secure. My husband and his family are Catholic and rabbi Friedman made sure that everyone was comfortable because he had the best sense of humor ever! I have also inquired with the rabbi about things not having to do with a bris, and he was more than willing to help me and answer my questions. I am honored that rabbi Friedman was the one to welcome my son to the tribe! I am eternally grateful.

Mila S.

So very happy we invited rabbi Friedman to perform my sons bris. I don't have a lot of family so we kept it very small, but of the people that I did have, he entertained them all, calmed them with a bit of humor. Best of all, results are perfect. He even came for a visit after, because I'm a nervous wreck mommy. Would and do recommend him over and over again to anyone who askes about a mohel. Thank you rabbi Friedman!!

Larry S.

All I can say about this Rabbi is WOW. It's been 7 months and my sons member is looking perfect. Before all this went down me and my wife were so worried about how to take care of it, but Rabbi Friedman made sure to text us and remind us how to do it. It was a pleasure for having you as our sons mohel and if we have another boy we know who to call!

Liza F.

It was a huge journey to find a Mohel for us! I looked for right person more than 7 months! Thanks G-d, I was recommended to Rabbi Friedman! He is attentive, extremely funny, charming, and caring. You feel safe putting your son in his hands, and he's so organized and industrious, you don't worry about all the care that comes afterwards. He keeps after you and makes it easy to stay on track. Before and after the ceremony, we never waited for an answer to any question. Ask him for the "Royal P-nis" 😉

Anna M.

Rabbi Friedman is amazing! Hands of gold! I wouldn't let anyone else near my sons. He did an amazing job and was always there if I needed to ask any questions. If you are looking for a Mohel, look no more because he is the best of the best!

Lyuda D.

My whole family is so thankful to Rabbi Friedman for the amazing job he did for our baby boy. He is so smart and attentive. And his work is immaculate. He is even really funny ! During the stressful first few days of becoming a new mom I was very thankful to Rabbi Friedman for assuring me everything will be okay with the bris. Even after the ceremony he followed up to make sure the aftercare was done on time and that our baby was healing properly. And heal properly it did !!! Simply put, he is the best. Period.

Florina F

What can I say except for that I'm so thankful that I found Rabbi Friedman. I have been fortunate enough to have had to use his services twice, and he has been a pleasure to deal with. He walks you thru everything, puts you at ease, makes jokes to lighten the mood, and shows you how to care for your little bundle of joy. He was always there to answer follow up questions, reminded you to change baby's diaper on time, and was very kind to a very worried mama. My pediatrician said that both bris's were done perfectly. Thank you Rabbi!

Mike G.

Brooklyn, NY

Few people can say they do miracles on a daily basis, Rabbi Friedman is a true miracle worker. His professionalism and his preparedness is like nothing me or my wife have ever come across before. He is a master of his trade and an unbelievable pleasure to be around. From begging to end he was on top of the whole process and made it so worry free and smooth. We can honestly say our son got circumcised by the best. We will recommend him always. Rabbi again thank you so much for the follow up texts and the great job you did.

Rebekah W.

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Friedman just did our son's bris this morning. He made the whole ceremony light hearted yet very meaningful. He did the bris itself very fast and clean. He explained everything clearly regarding aftercare and we absolutely love the certificate he made for us. We highly recommend rabbi Friedman for your son's bris.

Alex K.

Brooklyn, NY

As soon as I found out that I'm having a boy, I knew Rabbi Friedman had to be the mohel! Having Rabbi Friedman perform the bris was the best decision my husband and I made. From the first contact you make with Rabbi Friedman he puts you at ease. Responds very quickly to texts, calls, fb messages. Takes his time to explain and answer any questions. On the day of the Bris his easy and very pleasant attitude makes you relax. He explains and helps with the aftercare. His "job" didn't end on the day of the bris. He is super attentive and makes you feel very comfortable at making sure everything is perfect.


New York, NY

My family and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Rabbi Friedman. My cousin absolutely insisted we call Rabbi Friedman to discuss the bris of my son. We spoke with Rabbi Friedman over the phone and he reassured us that our son was in the best of hands. Considering my cousin also used him for the bris of her son over ten years ago and the fact that she was still raving about him (and the fact her son said nothing but good things about his experience LOL), we decided to take her wise advise and we followed instructions as provided by Rabbi Friedman: after the birth of your son, "call the three M's-the mother, mother-in-law and the Mohel." Rabbi Friedman was extremely easy to communicate with via internet and telephone and was highly accessible for all of our questions and the questions of our family. We were given a run down of what to expect on the day of (and got a refresher course on the day of before the ceremony commenced). On the day of our son's bris, Rabbi Friedman did an absolutely wonderful job. Our son was truly in great hands. Rabbi Friedman is a wonderful speaker and very funny. He put all of our minds at ease very quickly and reminded us that we are all family at the end of the day. My son hardly cried and was at ease for the remainder of the day and thereafter. Rabbi Friedman provided thorough instructions for after care. We provided an awesome bag filled with goodies including a customized fan, customized    onesie which we have already used a lot, kippah for baby, cream, gauaze and a detailed booklet with photos that provided thorough instructions for after care. He went over the booklet and the after care instructions with us in detail and in person after the ceremony was over. Pay attention to this part people-it's gold! We also received a wonderful Bris Certificate confirming our boy was a real's beautiful and very well done! Rabbi Friedman texted us on the regular thereafter to ensure we kept up with the after care on time. If we had questions, we texted him and when needed, we included pictures to ensure he could get a look. Thankfully we had no issues and we had a wonderful experience. All of our friends and family raved about how wonderful the bris was! My husband's cousin (who already has two kids, including a boy) already asked us for Rabbi Friedman's information. We would recommend him to EVERYONE and will absolutely use his services again if we are blessed with another little man in the future. Do not hesitate to select Rabbi Friedman as the Mohel for your son!

Richard G.

Brooklyn, NY

Never in my life would I have predicted that I would be writing a Yelp review for a Mohel that performed on a Bris for my son. But here we are. Rabbi Friedman is as amazing as they say he is. After witnessing his work at my cousin's Bris earlier this year, the choice was simple. During my wife's first phone call to him, he guaranteed her that my son would have "the Ryan Gosling of penises." She called me immediately and said she was sold. Not only did everything go as perfect as he said it would, but Rabbi Friedman's work doesn't stop there. He was meticulous in his instructions to us, staying to ensure that not only was the baby properly bandaged, but we knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Moreover, he messaged my wife and I every single hour on the hour: alerts, instructions and requesting updates. His job is not finished until he knows that all is well. If you're serious about entrusting someone, trust Rabbi Friedman. He simply is the best.

Dara M.

New York, NY

We had rabbi Friedman perform the bris on our son last month. It's been three weeks now and it's healed very well. He was very personable and assuaged all our fears. And the job was done very well and professionally. I definitely recommend him!

Natalia V.

Manhattan, NY

Exactly today will be seven days after Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman performed the Bris of our son. We are first time parents and finding a Mohel was a challenge until Rabbi Friedman came highly recommended to us. The ceremony was absolutely fabulous, not to forget our little one was very calm during/after which was a relief and a surprise to all of us. Today our son fully healed (he healed in three days!) and we can't be more than happy with the whole experience and the final outcome of his Bris. Rabbi Friedman is a true professional and we are blessed to have found him and will highly recommend him to anyone looking for a fantastic Mohel. Thank you so much!

Matt L.

Brooklyn, NY

Once we decided to have a kosher bris and began asking around for recommendations, Rabbi Friedman's name had been popping up from many different people. Even though we reached out to several Mohels, we knew Rabbi Friedman was the one for us after the first conversation. He is warm, attentive, organized, communicative and no question or inquiry is too much, and not to mention he is quite the personality. The Bris was flawless with incredibly detailed aftercare instruction, and also entertaining with a spiel that set the tradition into context. Afterwards, Rabbi Friedman provided consistently excellent text-messaged aftercare check-ins and instructions, and three days later our son is doing great. Thank you Rabbi Friedman

Daniel R.

New York, NY

He performed my son's bris and did a flawless job. I am a pediatrician who strives every day to provide my patients with the best medical care and I wanted the same for my son. I was very pleased with Rabbi Friedman's attention to detail during the procedure and his easy to follow and evidence based aftercare instructions. Plus, he officiated the ceremony in a humorous way that kept our guests entertained.

Frida F.

Rego Park, NY

I heard about Rabbi Friedman from a friend and I called him as soon as I found out I was having a boy. I was not disappointed. He is an amazing mohel and he also lent me his time to address my concerns pertaining to the sterility of a jewish kosher circumcision. Rabbi Friedman, did an outstanding job, he was sterile, quick and thorough in his examination. I would recommend him to anyone.

Bryan M.

Plainview, NY

Rabbi Friedman is Amazing. He entertained our guests. Took pictures of my family for us. He did an Amazing job. Our pediatrician and nurse said it was a clean and perfect job !

David H.

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Friedman was incredible for our son's Bris, we can't recommend him enough. He not only was incredibly masterful in the procedure, but conducted the bris with the right mix of solemness for the occasion and levity, which was helpful for these nervous first-time parents. The ceremony and explanations were very helpful and engaging and he walked us through care multiple times and followed up with us well after to remind us what we should be doing. Our son seems to be healing well and we're so happy we entrusted Rabbi Friedman to perform our son's Bris.

Monica H.

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Friedman was nothing short of masterful when it came to our son's bris. He showed incredible knowledge of the process, from a medical and logistical perspective, and took the time to clearly and simply walk us through all of it, without freaking us out or burdening in us with too much information. Just as skillful as he was with the actual procedure, he showed a tremendous amount of emotional intelligence around the whole event itself. What might have ordinarily been a high anxiety scenario was lightened with excellent humor, positive attitude, smiles, confidence, tradition, and an overall understanding of how to read a room. I feel tremendous amount of serendipity knowing that we were able to work with him on this very special moment. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any of my closest friends and family.