Dear Parents,
First off, a huge Mazal Tov on the birth of your son! It is undoubtedly a happy time, although it can
also be a stressful time. We all want the best for our children, and our minds race with the whats,
the ifs, the buts of providing the best care for our newborns. At least, that was the way my wife and I felt when our sons were born.  Luckily, you can take one potential stressor out of your mind – your son’s bris. As a urologist myself, one who specializes in men’s health and sexual dysfunction, I have seen my fair share of botched circumcisions, so I was well aware of the many things that could go wrong with the procedure. Choosing a good mohel – no, the best one! – was therefore an absolute necessity. After consulting with many family, friends, urology colleagues (both adult and pediatric), and researching extensively online, all signs pointed to Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman as the best choice. We put our faith with him in 2015, after the birth of our first son. Our anxiety melted as Rabbi Friedman was able to juggle surgical finesse, extensive medical knowledge, humor, and tradition into a ceremony that was enjoyed by us and all our guests. Since 2015, we have personally recommended Rabbi Friedman to many friends and family members. All have thanked us for our recommendation, and we have even attended several of his bris ceremonies ourselves.

So when our second son was born in 2020, we no longer relied on faith when we decided on a mohel, but on the certainty of our past experience. We notified Rabbi Friedman immediately when we found out our baby’s gender. In fact, he was third person to know about our son, only a few hours after my wife and I found out! With our son being born amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the stakes were even higher. The choice was clearer than ever. With his consultation, we modified our bris to practice social distancing, used gloves and masks, and video-conferenced family members. Again, Rabbi Friedman delivered, with gentle hands, kind words, easy reachability, and clear instructions. Thanks to him, our sons are not only beautiful inside and out, but also from the waist down…
We would like to thank our dear mohel from the bottom of my heart, my wife’s heart and both my son’s hearts (and their penises). I recommend this fine man as a professional of the highest caliber. I
have no doubt that you and your loved ones will be thrilled with your choice.