Dear Parent:

I am pleased to recommend Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman as a mohel of the highest order. I have seen his work, and I find that it is distinguished by professionalism and competence, an appropriate balance of alacrity and deliberateness, and much-admired caring and compassion. Rabbi Friedman has always impressed me with his prodigious skill in whatever task or vocation he chooses.

In performing ritual circumcisions, his demeanor is one of quiet competence and unflappable confidence; this typically elicits a sense of calm and reassurance in all those present who might have otherwise found cause for concern or anxiety. As a board certified practicing cardiologist, encountering a wide range of surgical patients, I believe that Rabbi Friedman displays the talent of a seasoned and experienced surgeon in carrying out his work.

I recommend him without hesitation, and expect all who use Rabbi Friedman’s services to be very satisfied with his work on their child’s behalf.