Svetlana S.

There is no one I would trust to perform a bris more than Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman! Not only is he highly skilled in what he does, he makes everything much easier to get thru with his sense of humor. We used Rabbi Friedman in Dec 2015 when our first son was born, and then again in Nov 2017 for our second son. Everything was done perfectly, my guests absolutely loved him and he followed up after the bris to make sure everything was healing nicely and that there was nothing to worry about! Skilled mohel with a great sense of humor, what else could you ask for?

Margarita V.

When looking for a Mohel for our son's bris, we heard great things about Moshe Chaim Friedman from our friends. After getting in touch with Rabbi Friedman, he was very deligent at explaining everything and answered all my questions and concerns, as this was my first baby boy. Rabbi Friedman was very sensitive and attentive to our requests. When our little prince arrived and bris day came along, Rabbi Friedman was on time, calm and collected, which is more than I can say for myself, 8 days post partum. We had a family gathering at home for the ceremony and Rabbi Friedman involved everyone. He was very quick with the Bris, our son barely cried, and was thorough with his instructions. I appreciated his dedication to following up with after care and well being. He was always available for random text messages I had about the healing process. We are grateful for the perfect bris experience Rabbi Friedman gave us and I know my son will be too. Thank you!

Victoria L.

Rabbi Friedman is the best. There's no room for error here when choosing a mohel. You will not regret this choice. Kind, professional, warm, quick and thorough pre, during, and post and humorous keeping things light and comforting for new mother of precious baby boy.

Liya V.

I was blessed to have Rabbi Friedman perform my younger sons bris, I had a terrible experience with my older one so I was super nervous and anxious. Rabbi Friedman made me and my family feel very comfortable and secure. My husband and his family are Catholic and rabbi Friedman made sure that everyone was comfortable because he had the best sense of humor ever! I have also inquired with the rabbi about things not having to do with a bris, and he was more than willing to help me and answer my questions. I am honored that rabbi Friedman was the one to welcome my son to the tribe! I am eternally grateful.

Mila S.

So very happy we invited rabbi Friedman to perform my sons bris. I don't have a lot of family so we kept it very small, but of the people that I did have, he entertained them all, calmed them with a bit of humor. Best of all, results are perfect. He even came for a visit after, because I'm a nervous wreck mommy. Would and do recommend him over and over again to anyone who askes about a mohel. Thank you rabbi Friedman!!

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