Bryan M.

Plainview, NY

Rabbi Friedman is Amazing. He entertained our guests. Took pictures of my family for us. He did an Amazing job. Our pediatrician and nurse said it was a clean and perfect job !

David H.

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Friedman was incredible for our son's Bris, we can't recommend him enough. He not only was incredibly masterful in the procedure, but conducted the bris with the right mix of solemness for the occasion and levity, which was helpful for these nervous first-time parents. The ceremony and explanations were very helpful and engaging and he walked us through care multiple times and followed up with us well after to remind us what we should be doing. Our son seems to be healing well and we're so happy we entrusted Rabbi Friedman to perform our son's Bris.

Monica H.

Brooklyn, NY

Rabbi Friedman was nothing short of masterful when it came to our son's bris. He showed incredible knowledge of the process, from a medical and logistical perspective, and took the time to clearly and simply walk us through all of it, without freaking us out or burdening in us with too much information. Just as skillful as he was with the actual procedure, he showed a tremendous amount of emotional intelligence around the whole event itself. What might have ordinarily been a high anxiety scenario was lightened with excellent humor, positive attitude, smiles, confidence, tradition, and an overall understanding of how to read a room. I feel tremendous amount of serendipity knowing that we were able to work with him on this very special moment. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any of my closest friends and family.

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