Linda R.

We researched and went bananas trying to find the perfect mohel for our newborn son. At the end of the day - after eliminating six other mohels, everything seemed to be pointing us in the direction of the undisputed Master Mohel Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman. Well, well, well...., honestly, words cannot do justice to properly describe the level of professionalism he demonstrated every step of the way. From our initial call to him in my second trimester - all through the Post Bris aftercare, he continuously was the most responsive professional we ever met. Of course the circumcision he performed was perfect - and even the doctor marveled at the precision. You will definitely love him. There is no way not to!

Josh B.

Have twice invited Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman to perform a Bris for my sons. Have also recommended him at least 5 times to friends. He is gentle with the infants and patiently explains the after-care to parents. He follows up after the bris with phone calls, texts and home visit to be sure the aftercare is going correctly. At your sons bris the Rabbi has a very engaging 'sthick' before and after the circumcision that will make the ceremony engaging and understandable to your guests of all Jewish backgrounds. Few more thoughts: 1) Popular and well regarded Mohelim like Rabbi Friedman will book up quickly, so your call in the delivery room should be first to your Mothers and then to the Mohel. 2) He is not available for Shabbat or Yom Tov outside of his home neighborhood in Brooklyn, so you should have a local back up in mind for that possibility. 3) Not sure how appropriate it is to 'Yelp' about or quantify the spirituality of a Rabbi, or even if this is the proper forum to select someone for such an important lifecycle event, that said you are here reading this so here goes: I believe that this Rav. performs the Brit Milah with the same emunah that I as the boys father would if I had the capability. So, we just had a baby and bris today which is why this review may seem a bit disjointed. Parents of young children should understand...

Jessica M.

Our premature son was in the hospital for two months, so we wanted to make sure we had a mohel who knew what he was doing when our son was released. Boy, did Rabbi Friedman know what he's doing. We talked a few weeks before the bris and he was very helpful and responsive up until the big day. The ceremony was great - he explained every step to our guests and was very entertaining. Everyone enjoyed his presence and even our son was smiling shortly after the quick procedure.. Rabbi Friedman brought along a customized bris certificate, Friedman-brand gauze, a detailed instruction sheet, as well as some small gifts for our son. After, he sent us a text message reminder every time we needed to diaper change or bathe him, and immediately responded to questions. I HIGHLY recommend Rabbi Friedman for any bris, you will not find anyone better with service like his!

Lio S.

Rabbi Friedman is not only an accomplished stand up comic who can, and will, enthrall your family and friends with witty stories lathered with Yiddish schmaltz, he is also an unbelievably gentle and precise Mohel. This guy knows baby penis like nobody's business and he doesn't even use those bandages afterwards. Beautiful job, healed quickly and painlessly. The Rabbi was checking on us hourly then bi-hourly after the circumcision to make sure everything was progressing nicely. He reminded us what to do next and was available at all times. He did the male babies of our entire comminity and each one was a masterpiece. Don't think twice, hire him!

Erica K.

Rabbi Friedman is really the best of the best. A Bris for any mom is a very stressful event. Rabbi Friedman helped keep us at ease and made this day stress free. From the very first phone call to him he helped us settle on a beautiful Hebrew name. He arrived promptly at the time we agreed upon. He thoroughly explained the process and what we should expect in the next few days. The Bris was done very fast and by the time the baby realized what happened it was over. Our guests loved him and his wonderful personality. Best part is for the next 24-48 hours he will stay in contact with you. Will ask how the baby is feeling and if any help/advice is needed. 1.5 years later after the Bris he will still reach out to say hello and ask how our boy is doing. He is very highly recommended.

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