Jonathan L.

If you need a Mohel for your son, Rabbi Friedman is your guy. No reason to explore any other options! He is incredibly professional while also bringing charm and a great sense of humor. Any anxiety I had going into the Bris was quickly negated after getting off the phone originally with Rabbi Friedman. The best part about the entire experience is that he continually checks up on you and the baby after this Bris, making sure everyone is feeling okay and clear instructions on how to treat the baby. I'm summary, Rabbi Friedman is the "real deal".

Angela S.

Please don't even consider anyone else! I have had Mosche Chaim as the mohel for my 3 sons, and I wouldn't hire anyone else. He has more experience than any doctor - he does a few brises a day in some cases. His experience is unmatched, as is his professionalism and warmth. What is interesting is that the healing and post op care has changed with each of my 3 boys. He is always trying to make things better, easier and smoother. Highly recommend! Do not go to anyone else

Mark H.

AMAZING AMAZING!!! NO WORDS!! We were privileged to have Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman serve as the mohel for two of our boys. He is without a doubt, the MOST AMAZING MOHEL in the NYC area and deservingly so. He is a true "Master" of his craft and is recognized as one of the biggest experts in his field. Due to his extreme popularity, his Bris schedule gets booked up lightning fast. So make sure to book him as early in your pregnancy as possible, and be sure to call him the moment your son gets born. (We actually called him as soon as my wife broke her waters ;-)) As a skillful surgeon, he is a master in technique and medical expertise. A perfectionist with a sensitive and featherlight delicate touch. We knew that our sons were in the best hands possible. His ceremony is warm, elevated, hilarious, passionate, clever, and spiritually uplifting - all combined!! Our guests were mesmerized by the entire Bris experience. Many of our friends made a point to tell us later, that our Bris was the best Bris they ever attended! Rabbi Friedman was definitely BORN to do what he does - and as a mohel - he is by far - in a league of his own.

Igor K.

Rabbi Moshe Chaim Friedman performed a beautiful bris ceremony for our son and we cannot say enough great things about him. Although, the bris made us extremely anxious, Rabbi Friedman was able to lighten the tension with his great sense of humor. He made the procedure as easy as possible and explained every step and answered every question. He was always easily accessible and even sent us continuous reminders of how to take care of our son following the days after the bris. He is caring, professional, and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that is easily seen through his actions. We really appreciate having him perform our dear son's bris and cannot recommend him enough!

Anna K.

Great job!!! Was very professional. Everything went as planned. Couldn't be happier. Highly recommend.

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