Kace M.

To say that I was nervous the morning of my sons Bris would be a grave understatement. Putting on my shoes that morning even seemed like a challenge. Rabbi Friedman made sure we were well informed of the procedure and most importantly kept our son comfortable throughout the entire process. The ceremony was quick and easy. Our son cried only for a few seconds before he went off into a milk and wine induced nap. Rabbi Friedman gave us very clear instructions on how to care for the baby, as well as followed up hourly for the first 24 hours with reminders via phone and text. All our friends and family were raving about our mohel's charm and humor. He really turned this terrifying event into a joyous occasion. We have since recommended him to many of our friends and even attended a Bris he was part of this past week. Rabbi Friedman is the best in the business! Thank you so much for your charm, charisma and absolute professionalism !!

Elizabeth G.

Rabbi Friedman performed the Bris for both of my sons and both times he did a great job. The ceremonies were light hearted and he kept things humorous which calmed me down. Everyone who attended complimented him afterward and said how much they enjoyed him. Rabbi Friedman was very detailed oriented and made sure to explain everything so that we were at ease. The actual Bris was very quick and the boys fell asleep easily after. He followed up numerous time after the Bris and always responds to questions immediately. I highly recommend Rabbi Friedman. He is highly experienced and I doubt there is anyone better to perform a Bris.

Erica Z.

My first son was circumcised in 2008, second one in 2012, third one in 2015. All by Rabbi Friedman. Need I say more? Rabbi Friedman is the best mohel around. Extremely professional while keeping the mood light and happy!

Rozaliya S.

I was shaking and crying since morning at the day of Bris. Never expected such as easy, fast and funny service. Everything went smooth and beautiful. We are so happy we choose rabbi Friedman for our only Son after 3 girls. We couldn't be happier. Thank you rabbi for everything.

Lea G.

I've used Rabbi Friedman for both my boys. Here's why I recommend him without reservation: 1) He tended to both our sons expertly, explaining everything (from pre-care to after-care) patiently and explicitly. This was important for obvious reasons. At no time did I feel unsure or unaware of anything. I knew exactly what was happening and why before, during and after. 2) My husband and I have a very mixed crowd in our circle of friends/family, from super religious to totally unaffiliated to non-Jewish. Not only did he take excellent care of our boys (our first priority, of course), but he conducted a thoroughly engaging and inclusive service that everyone felt good about attending. 3) He is sensitive to everyone's needs. When my younger son was born, we were naturally worried that his big brother would feel left out of things. But Rabbi Friedman, without any prompting, included our older son in the service in a fun and meaningful way that truly made it a day none of us will ever forget. You will not be disappointed.

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